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About Me


About Me

I Want to Inspirate Others to Take Action to be in Peace with their Body, Mind & Soul

I'm Jharledis Beronica Ibarra, I'm 27 years old and I have been struggle with my well-being and that is the reason why I have decided to take action working  on my body, mind and soul, also because I think that If there is not a connection with this 3 elements we are no able to experience happiness.   

I'm starting a journey where I need to work in myself, feel confident as I am and love each aspect and part of me as a human being. 

I had decided to start this journey and share with others ones because I'm aware that many people are having the same struggle that I'm having, and while I push myself to heal I want to inspirate others to take action to be in peace with their body, mind and soul.

Some habits that help me to heal

Essential oils are a fundamental part of my daily routine, they allow me to reach peace and calm when I haven anxiety, stress or pain. 


Spend time outside is really important for our mental health and one of my favorites activities to do is catch sunsets. 


A way to take care of my self is spending time doing things that I enjoy. Paint and coloring mandalas allow me to connect to my mind and soul.

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